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Plan Your API and Frontend Integration
in Days, Not Weeks

Generate sample endpoints in seconds with AI.
Visualize API usage in a real-time collaborative space.

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Accelerate your API design phase with AI.

Skip the slow start. Jump straight into productive planning with AI-generated sample endpoints, request, and response bodies.

Visualize your API's usage.

Don't plan in the darkā€”use your app's screenshots as a blueprint to annotate, see, and understand how APIs fit into your app.

Sync your developers seamlessly.

Eliminate any confusion or miscommunication about the required APIs and their usage.

Sample API endpoints tailored for your app.

Automatically generate endpoints specific to your app's functionality, streamlining your planning process.

Get sample request and response bodies.

Spend less time brainstorming. Click any endpoint to see AI-generated sample request and response bodies.

Visualize API usage with annotations.

Draw annotations on your screenshots to clearly define where and how APIs interact with your application.

Collaborate with teammates in real time.

Work together seamlessly with real-time collaboration, displaying multiple users' inputs for efficient teamwork.

landing why teams use roya bg
  • 2 collaborators

  • 1 project

  • 10 AI credits

  • 8 screenshots

  • Unlimited annotations

  • Visualize API usage

  • API dependency tracking

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Document API endpoints

  • Document request bodies

  • Document response bodies

  • Priority Support